Bernhard Lehner

Co-founder / Vice President

My main research theme is large-scale hydrology and hydrography. I analyze the terrestrial water cycle of large river basins, continents, or the entire globe and investigate the effects of climate and global environmental change on regional water resources and hydrologic regimes, including floods and droughts. A particular interest of mine is on blending hydrology with practical applications in freshwater biodiversity conservation, including environmental flow assessments, river habitat classifications, assessing the effects of dams on downstream flow conditions, and aquatic ecosystem services. Hydrological models, global data sets, as well as GIS & Remote Sensing techniques are main components of my research projects. In particular, I am contributing to the improvement and generation of high-quality datasets (e.g. river networks, basins, lakes, wetlands) to eliminate some of the most common restrictions for global hydrological modeling.

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Günther Grill
Co-founder / President
Mira Anand
Lead Geospatial Scientist

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