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About us

We are a group of internationally renowned scientists with a focus on hydro-ecological research, nature conservation, and policy applications.

As a team of Geographers, our way of thinking naturally bridges spatial scales. We typically work across large geographical extents using high-resolution data. This unique approach makes our results suited for decision making from local to global scales.


Our research explores the relationship between human activities and the environment.

We develop tailor-made environmental impact models and indicators to document the status of the environment and explore past and future trends.

Our global Free-Flowing River assessment, published in Nature, is an example for high-impact publishing, creating an information-rich, global dataset of rivers and their connectivity status using our datasets and scientific models.

Data & Tools

In addition to research, Confluvio does the legwork of creating and curating scientific datasets, in particular a variety of global data products belonging to the HydroSHEDS family.

These include hydrological frameworks (catchments, rivers networks, lakes, waterfalls, water infrastructure, etc.), as well as a wealth of linked attribute data.

All our data is fully integrated and available for common Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Policy applications

Our vision is to produce research and analysis that enables decision making geared towards policy applications.

For example, Confluvio collaborated with WWF Zambia and the Ministry of Energy of Zambia which resulted in the country's first national hydropower scenario assessment.

The collaboration resulted in tools that use trade-off analysis and optimization algorithms to helps explore the cost and benefits of ecosystem services and infrastructure.


Our services include: 

  • Tailor-made geospatial datasets and attributes
  • scientific modeling and programming
  • GIS applications and tool development
  • Web site development and web mapping
  • Conservation assessments and planning
  • Indicator development
  • Decision making and policy support
  • Research and project design

Meet the Team

Our firm currently has three principal scientists. Together, we count on decades of experience and form a proven team with diverse skills and strengths.

Günther Grill
Co-founder / President

Günther (PhD) is a Environmental Scientist and Scientific programmer with a geographic perspective. During his time at McGill University, exploring the configuration and function of river networks has become a passion. He developed a unique river routing model that allows exploring dynamic links between freshwater, terrestrial and marine environments as well as socio-economic elements and infrastructure. He offers in-depth expertise and advise on planning, conducting and communicating scientific questions effectively through research articles, reports, maps, infographics and web mapping platforms.

Bernhard Lehner
Co-founder / Vice President

My main research theme is large-scale hydrology and hydrography. I analyze the terrestrial water cycle of large river basins, continents, or the entire globe and investigate the effects of climate and global environmental change on regional water resources and hydrologic regimes, including floods and droughts. A particular interest of mine is on blending hydrology with practical applications in freshwater biodiversity conservation, including environmental flow assessments, river habitat classifications, assessing the effects of dams on downstream flow conditions, and aquatic ecosystem services. Hydrological models, global data sets, as well as GIS & Remote Sensing techniques are main components of my research projects. In particular, I am contributing to the improvement and generation of high-quality datasets (e.g. river networks, basins, lakes, wetlands) to eliminate some of the most common restrictions for global hydrological modeling.

Mira Anand
Lead Geospatial Scientist

Mira is an environmental scientist who develops geospatial solutions to aid in environmental conservation. She is particularly interested in freshwater climate change impacts on humans and ecosystems. Mira holds a Master of Science in Geography from McGill University, where she modelled changes to floodplain inundation patterns under climate change.

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